Thursday, December 24, 2009

LOTR Would Have Been Completely Different If:

I am a big fan of the Lord of The Rings and just love its storyline,its representation and its grandeur.I have my favorite moments from the trilogy as have been quoted
here as well.

Here's a little piece on how a few lines by the characters of the epic by J.R.R Tolkien could have completely changed the story line.

Frodo: "You mean you summoned Eagles to carry you off of Saruman's tower?"
Gandalf: "Yes".
Frodo: "So why not summon them to carry me to Mount Doom? If we walk all the way there one of us may die."

Gandalf (to the Balrog): "You may pass if you wish."

Elrond:“Sorry, Isuldur, we’ve spilled too much blood for you to go muck it all up with a momentary fit of self-delusion. Either that ring goes into the fire or both of you do.”

Sauron :"Let's see, we have quite enough orcs to wipe out Gondor.Witch-King why don't you just put a few hundred by the mountain,just in case"

Sam: "Please mister Frodo, I know I'm being subjective and I'm not making myself out to be a detective but I can't trust that hideous slimy bastard.His teeth are disgusting and I don't like his hobbling and hissing.So I have a proposition, put simply:Cage Match, no DQs, him and me."

Pippin: "All right Treebeard,great job with Isengard.But it's still not the time to relax,just gather your tree friends and we are going to Gondor.Let's finish this thing."

Sam : "Frodo,you know as well as I do that you are becoming way too attached to the ring.Let's not wear it from now on.Keep it in the bag and we can take turns with it,I am not going to run away with it."  

Frodo: "Hey Sam, I'm heading off to Aman to lead an eternal life of bliss. You are my best friend, and basically carried my punk ass up Mount Doom and all... Alright fine, you can come, but just this once."

Faramir: "Frodo, I have heard terrible stories about Cirith Ungol.But if you insist you need to go that way ,me and my friends here would love to help you to the place.Anyways my father doesn't give a damn if i live or die."

Witch-King: "I got an idea.Lets not just screech like hell and scare them but jump into the battle field and do some real serious damage."


Anonymous said...

Some of those are hilarious!! I always think (in the first movie) "What would've happened if the balrog just didn't come, and they had to fight all those goblins..." lol! Or, "lotr would have been completely different if the nine wraiths just came on their nazgul fellbeasts instead of horses in the first movie". lol

Anonymous said...

Actually, the one about Sam coming to Aman also.. that happens in the book, and for some reason only peter jackson knows, it was left out. although some possibilities are quite likely.

In the book basically anyone who carried the one ring gets a boat ticket to Aman to rest up after the ordeal, and as sam carried it for a whole day, he's included, yaay! :D Since, like frodo tells him, hes got pages to fill and stuff left to "do" (i guess that means his new wife rosey?) And he isnt as scarred by the influence of the ring (not surprising as he carried it 24 hours at most!) He does not leave on the ship with Frodo though, but on the very last ship out, after hes been mayor of the shire for ages and fathered a host of kids.

Perhaps PJ thought it would look weird and set a bad role model having him go with frodo right away, just being married and all, and didnt like to ruin the "sailing off into the sunset" thing with a short odd piece of movie showing sam getting old and getting a call from the elves that hes been chosen to come west, upon which he leaves his family and friends to sail off to frodo, which would look awkward and be a bit dubious and unbelievable.

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