Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How it Should have ended?

Film makers tend to look over some very simple and straight forward ways of 'doing the job' and make it complicated because thats how we like it.
But will we like it if it was done the easier way?
Watch the following videos and decide for yourself.

You just got to agree with this one.

Well the numbers may not win you the war but they sure give you an advantage.

Don't just trim the leaves of a weed,absolutely root it out.

Woah the film revisited all 3 parts in 6 minutes !

Captain Jack Sparrow continues to take over the clip even here leaving Mr Bloom look like a sidekick in another epic.

All the 'Twilight lovers' and 'The twilight lovers' would have a say on this.

For more such 'How it Should Have Ended',visit the HISHE youtube channel

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Nikole said...

Haha - good laugh!

-dan-d- said...

HEHE! Thanks for this post, those vids for sure made my day. Thanks also for the encouragement on the uke playing, I intend to put a lot more out there! :-) It's addictive... Hard to be grumpy when one is playing a ukulele. :-P