Saturday, December 26, 2009


Its sometimes pretty difficult to find the easy problems among the thousands on SPOJ.
Here are some of the problems on SPOJ that i found easy and that pretty must guarantees that they are easy.  :)

TEST- This is the first problem I solved in SPOJ. I recommend the same for you as it will introduce with the way of accepting input and printing output that SPOJ wants. It gives a brief introduction of the whole environment. What you need to do is to accept and print the input by the user until you come across 42. The easiest problem at SPOJ and a confidence booster to begin with..!! ;)

FASHION-The explanation is quite big but it all comes down to sorting the two lists of degree of hotness and then multiplying the corresponding numbers and adding them.pretty simple huh ;).

ADDREV-Take two numbers as input. Reverse both. Add the reversed number. Reverse again.

MIRRORED- Print "Mirrored pair" wherever you confront "bd" or "db" or "pq" or "qp", otherwise print "Ordinary pair"

OFORTUNE- The explanation is frightening and large.But the problem is really simple.It just needs six inputs and a simple interest and compound interest formula implementation .Due to the large explanation not many people have solved this you'll get a lot of points too.

FEYNMAN-If you observe for a while ,you will find that the answer is just the sum of the squares of the numbers 1 to N.

Some more easy problems are SIZECON ,NSTEPS,TABLES,JULKA,CANDY,CANDY 3

Best of Luck !            

Please post your complaints(if any) and suggestions here


Anonymous said...

Its good that you help people finding in differentiating problems level and all but its not fare to all that you disclose the trick(until n unless asked after repeated efforts). It,kind of defeat the purpose of SPOJ ranking and user credits of solving bcz the points system is quite dynamic.
I hope you get what I am trying to say.

-Just another Spoj User-

My Space said...

i'll see to what i can do.

Vaib|-|av said...

nice post..

Bob said...

Can I ask?
about OFORTUNE Problem...
I can't make the answer..
Can you give me your answer?
Or should I contact you via facebook?

Anonymous said...

SYMN is an easy one, too...

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