Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Facebook Groups- Funny/Dumb

We've all seen facebook groups that can be dumb and stupid as hell and some of them can be funny.(I am just talking about the title here.Anyways,very few people care to look back on the groups that they join.)Here's a compilation of such groups that I've seen.

First some of the real dumb and stupid ones:

These type of groups are all over the place on facebook and they are annoying as hell.If 1 million people join I'll do this and I'll do that.If 1 million people really join such groups then the prediction of the end of the world in 2012 starts to seem reasonable and one to look into.

This is actually a page not a group but it sure is not funny.Next group in the queue after this one would be I am still breathing and I took a shower today.Really?Not on fire?
If any one out there thinks that this is min blowing,please do tell me and I'll remove this one from this list.
Another one of those mindblowers.Does this blow your mind too?
Who told these people that facebook users will have to pay.It might be just a rumour spread by people like the ones starting to get it popular and guess what? They were successful.

Now,some of the funny ones.They aren't funny enough to have you rofl but will surely bring a smile on your face.If you think they are more inclined towards the dumb side than funny,let me know.
This group surely provides what it promises.If ever a million people join this group ,you can proudly say:
Guess what happened? NOTHING.
An attempt to stop all those fools forwarding those stupid chains.I  have died about a fifty times by now by breaking such chains.
Now don't think too logically about this and think of the first thought that came into your mind. :D

If you have come across any such funny/stupid groups ,share it here.


Teen On Da Rise said...

I never really pay too much attention to groups, I usually just ignore the requests without thinking about it but now I'm going to see if I ever get invited to a group from this list or like this.

The group "when i discovered ok looks like a sideways person it blew my mind" had me laughing soooo hard!

Anonymous said...


The above group moderator is a control freak and if he doesn't like you or anything you have to say, even if it's not offensive at all or your associated w/another group he dislikes, he deletes & blocks you for no apparent reason. Dumb.

Anonymous said...

There's a neat little Facebook group in our area called "expose snitches around lake county ohio" (no caps on the title). Apparently in an effort to point out who's been ratting each other out, the groups creator overlooked the fact that it also did a swell job of exposing its members to local authorities. How brilliant!