Wednesday, January 6, 2010

LOST Season 6 -The Final Season

If you have seen the series upto now i.e the 5 seasons of some serious drama,action and mostly mystery then you are eagerly awaiting the day of the start of the sixth and the final season.
Well,the wait is about to be over.The last season of the amazing series is coming back on the 2nd of February with a grand three hour premiere event.
All the fans eagerly await  the day hoping that it will be as good as the earlier ones and most importantly it answers the mysteries it has left behind it.The ABC entertainment president claims that it will be a highly shocking  finale.
An official teaser was released quite a while back which added one more question to the already long list of unanswered questions.
Whose eye is it?
See for yourself and try to figure out:

Take a closer look and decide?Most people guess it's Jack's eye ,like in the episode 'The Pilot' in the first season.

The following is an amazing official trailer:

The fans expect a lot of questions to be answered in the Final season.The most prominent ones being:

  • Who are 'they' that Jacob says are coming?
  • Who is the man in black with Jacob at the beach in the episode 'The Incident'?
  • Why does this man in black want to kill Jacob?Why can't he?Why is he searching for 'loopholes' for it?
  • What is the secret of the four toed statue?
  • What is the secret of the 'Smoke Monster'?
  • Is there any explanation for why the island is the way it is?
And many others.
Will the last season answer all our queries?
I guess thats not going to happen.It will surely leave some unanswered question for the fans to wonder about.That's the essence of the show after all.

All in all, it is one of the most anticipated seasons of all time.

Think you know the answer to any of those questions?Then share it right here and lets see what others think about it.

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Teen On Da Rise said...

This is just like a souped up version of a soap opera. I watched it in the beginning of the show but I missed one episode and I was lost. Haha ironic much?